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Welcome to the Heart of Holistic Wellbeing – "Vibrant Ayurveda" Wellness Centre

Experience the harmony of ancient wisdom and a Natural Path to Healing.

About Us

Discover the Essence of Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Centre

Founded in 2008, driven by the passion for sharing Ayurveda and its wisdom with the western world. Vibrant Ayurveda provides authentic Ayurvedic health care and aims to prevent, and cure health problems by understanding their root causes.

As a premier Ayurveda destination in Australia, we’re guided by a dedicated team of seasoned Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners. 

Our mission revolves around delivering top-tier, comprehensive Ayurvedic healthcare services that seamlessly blend quality and affordability.

How We Work

Personalised Healing Through Deep Listening and Understanding

At Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Centre, we believe that healing is a collaborative journey that begins with attentive listening.

Our dedicated team takes the time to engage with you on a profound level, understanding your unique life journey and individual lifestyle. By delving into your experiences, challenges, and aspirations, we gain a comprehensive view of your well-being. 

This knowledge forms the foundation upon which we craft a personalised blend of Ayurvedic therapies that resonate with your body, mind, and soul. Through this holistic approach, we address the root causes of imbalances and tailor treatments that guide you towards optimal well-being. 

Your story matters to us, and together, we embark on a transformative path towards vibrant health, embodying the essence of Ayurveda in every step of the way.

Discover the synergy of the world’s oldest medicine and cutting-edge practices as you embark on a path to vibrant health and balance.


Our Service in the Clinic


We offer a wide range including: oil- Abhyanga, therapeutic, remedial, treatments for…

Ayurvedic Classical Treatments

Revitalise your mind and body with therapies like: Panchakarma Detox, Shirodhara, Piccu,…

Ayurvedic Consultation

Discussion, diagnosis and treatment advice designed to restore and maintain optimal health.…
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Popular Wellness Packages

Complete Stress Relief Package

2 Hours Massage + Sirodhara Treatments

AUD $198

Ayurvedic Consultation plus Massage Package

2 Hours

AUD $198

Udvartana- Ayurvedic Herbal Detox Massage

1 hour treatments + 20 minutes steam sauna

AUD $216

Gift Card

60 minutes Ayurvedic/ Remedial Massage

AUD $110

Gift Card

Customize your value

Detox(Panchakarma) and Packages Massage Services


3 treatments= $650
7 treatments= $1300
10-21 treatments= $1800-5000

Massage Services

60 Minutes Therapeutic Massage x 5 sessions package

AUD $500 (Save $50)

Massage Services

60 Minutes Therapeutic Massage x 10 sessions package

AUD $950 ( Save $150)

Massage Services

90 Minutes Therapeutic Massage x5 sessions package

AUD $700 (Save $50)

Massage Services

90 Minutes Therapeutic Massage x 10 sessions package

AUD $1350 (Save $150)

Massage+ Sirodhara Treatment

2 hours treatments x 5 sessions package

AUD $1,000 (Save $220)

Massage+ Sirodhara Treatment

1.5 hours treatments x 5 sessions package

AUD $800 (Save $50)

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Events & Programs

Ayurveda Wellness Intensive

2024 - 03 - 09
2024- 03- 09
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Center 43 Vulture Street, West End, QLD 4101


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