30-minute ayurvedic meals Cooking Workshop

Brisbane Centre
Saturday 20 February, 2021
3pm to 6pm


Following an ayurvedic diet is super easy – in fact, much easier than you may have thought!  There is a place for Ayurvedic food in your life if you have as little as 30 minutes to prepare a meal. Does it mean all you have to eat is kitchari and dhal? No!

Because life gets so busy these days we thought that fresh, balanced, nourishing, yet easy and quick to make recipes is something we would love to share. Without any compromise on deliciousness of course!
We will also give you some handy tips on how to set up an ayurvedic kitchen, so that you always have the essentials to make a healthy substantial meal in a matter of minutes when you are hungry, instead of eating something not so good for your body. 
The emphasis in this cooking class will be on keeping it super simple. We will demonstrate how you can make complete and yummy meals, which are ready in half an hour or less.
Nothing complicated or tricky: 

  • ingredients you can buy at any supermarket
  • no special tools or appliances required 
  • absolute minimum of dirty dishes