Ayurvedic & life style Consultation


Ayurvedic and lifestyle consultations are a necessity for everyone, not just people with poor health. Those who are already enjoying good health will want to make sure that their good health lasts a lifetime, so our experienced Ayurvedic doctors will be able to advise them on the right diet and lifestyle in order to maintain vibrant health all the way into old age.

Those seeking to find a solution for their health problems will be treated in a holistic manner integrating physical, emotional and psychological treatments and practices.

pradeep neupane

During a consultation an Ayurvedic doctor will ask you a number of questions to ascertain your body type (Dosha) and determine how balanced or unbalanced your body is. Consultations are then followed by personalized advice on diet, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, herbal remedies and the natural therapy treatments required to achieve harmony of body, mind and spirit and thereby, optimal health.

If you have a particular health concern, it is important to get to the root of the problem and determine the underlying causes. Therefore, you may be asked about your present and past illnesses and treatments, your personal history including diet and lifestyle, and information about your social and family background.

In order to assess your state of health, different techniques such as pulse, tongue and eye diagnosis as well as face, lip and nail examinations may beutilized. Based on the findings, you will be given a personalised, holistic regimen to follow which may involve simple dietary changes, yoga/exercises, breathing techniques, Ayurvedic herbal remedies and other self-care practices. If necessary, a specific detoxification program will be recommended such asAyurvedic Therapeutic Massage, SirodharaOil Treatment, and/orPanchakarmaDetoxification. This will be followed by a program designed to rebuild your body’s strength and immunity.

Once the recommendations for diet, daily seasonal routines and an exercise program have been adopted, chances of developing further health problems will be significantly reduced and energy levels and feelings of well-being will increase, allowing you to live a full and healthy life.

Duration: Initial full consultation- 60 minutes= $90.00
Short/ follow up consultation- 30 minutes= $55.00