Dealing with COVID-19 Virus An ayurvedic perspective

We are now faced with need to accept living with the corona virus. Let’s not be panic about it. Let’s be ready to deal with it if it arrives on our doorstep.

The virus affects people differently. Ayurveda recommends measures for a healthy lifestyle more than the mere prescription of medicine. Charaka Samhita, the main classic text of Ayurveda, describes epidemic management. It defines immunity as the ability to prevent disease, arrest its progress and maintain homeostasis. The concept of building strength of mind and body to cope with stressors, including infection, is a cornerstone of Ayurveda practice.

Ayurveda take a holistic approach to promoting health (Swasthavritta). The best thing you can do is prepare your immune system to be ready to fight possible infection.


    1. Mindful eating
      Environmental energy comes through food, which after digestion and metabolism, converts to our bio-physical energy. Consume a balanced diet containing fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.
    2. Improve agni
      Ayurveda emphasises gut health (agni is our the digestive fire) so that the food we consume can fully release its energy. Most of our health problems arise from weak or imbalanced agni; therefore, we must make sure that the food we consume is digested properly. Eat according to the natural strength of digestive cycle (a light breakfast and dinner with the main meal at lunch time; cook foods with spices that warm the gut and build agni).
    3. Cleanse the body- detox
      When we are exposed to environmental toxins, or our agni becomes weak and imbalanced, our doshas (vata, pitta, kapha) maybe become imbalanced. In Ayurveda, most health issues are due to imbalanced doshas. Ayurveda recommends we cleanse (detox) the body once or twice a year to combat the toxins that build up over time.  Please consult our practitioners to design a specialised panchakarma program for your needs.
    4. Improve lifestyle
      Follow ayurvedic lifestyle regimes. Start your day by cleansing your mouth, drinking a glass of warm water with lemon, ginger and honey, and awakening your sense organs with yoga. Exercise and meditate every day. Research supports the idea that daily exercise and meditation improves our immunity.
    5. Taking immune-enhancing supplements and herbs
      We recommend you take herbs and supplements regularly to improve agni and immunity, for example Amala, Guduchi, Aswogandha, Shatavari, and Tulsi. They are available in different combinations for their therapeutic value, and can be prescribed for your individual needs.
    6. More tips for improving your immunity
      • Adequate sleep is essential for a well-functioning immune system. Make sure you are getting at least 6-8 hours per night and take naps or rest periods throughout the day. If you are struggling with stress or having trouble sleeping, we can assist with herbal medicine options.
      • Reduce your stress – limit the time you spend on social media, seek wise and calm perspectives of your situation, be proactive and informed.
      • Do things that bring you joy – finish a home project, play music, dance, paint, read good books.
      • Stay connected with family and friends – use video chats.
      • Stay intimate with partners and children – give hugs to your family.
      • Exercise your brain, be inspired and active – try podcasts, reading, and puzzles.
      • Exercise your body – get outdoors into the sunshine, play and laugh in your backyard, or on your balcony!