Deha-dhara (Pizhichil)


(also known as pizhichil) (nervous system treatment)


In this heavenly treatment, two therapists, working in in synchronicity, pour a shower of warm herbal oil or milk (depending on your constitution and needs) over your body while you are cocooned in warm towels. They follow the oil ‘shower’ with a full-body marma point massage in which four hands massage your body in a synchronised ‘dance’ that relaxes and rejuvenates your mind, body and spirit.


The treatment is performed on a traditional wooden table made from the neem tree, which enhances the healing and detoxifying effect of the treatment.


The effects are profound! The stream of liquid induces a deep state of relaxation, simultaneously stimulating chakra energy and calming the nerves.


Deha-dhara empowers the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems as it releases blocked energy and restores your vital life force energy (prana). It is excellent for treating chronic fatigue syndrome, poor circulation, chronic muscle tension and extreme vata imbalances.


You will feel beautifully balanced and calm after this nurturing and grounding therapy.



  • 90 Minutes = $270
  • Includes treatments with two therapists, using 3-4 litres of herbalised oil tailored to your needs.