Detox Retreat-2016, Christmas Offer


April 22nd-1st of May 2016 ~ Byron Bay



After achieving great success with numerous detox programs at the Vibrant Ayurveda Centre, we felt that some people would benefit more if we could take care of their diet and lifestyle as well during the detox program. This would enhance the effectiveness of the detox and produce optimum benefit for our clients. Hence, it is our pleasure to organise a very special Ayurvedic cellular cleanse retreat program (Panchakarma-Detox) which will be held from April 22st-1st of May 2016. This retreat will be perhaps the very first authentic Ayurvedic Panchakarma (Detox) retreat held in Australia, and those who participate will experience a complete cleanse of toxins from their entire body.


Before the retreat, you will be given very clear instructions on your particular diet and lifestyle plan at our centre. Also, some Ayurvedic detox herbs and medicated ghee will be provided which will activate the process of toxin release. At the retreat, there will be special Ayurvedic therapeutic treatments provided each day, which will include Abhyanga (a special form of Ayurvedic therapeutic massage), herbal steam bath, herbal paste-detox massage, Sirodhara (warm oil treatments for the forehead), Vastis (medicated enema with herbs), Ayurvedic reflexology massage, etc. This Ayurvedic detox treatment plan will be specially designed for you prior to the retreat, as everyone is unique and therefore their needs for detox are also unique.


At the retreat, each day will start with gentle yoga asanas, breathing exercises and end with a relaxing meditation. Freshly prepared organic Ayurvedic food will be provided each day according to your individual needs to suit your detox program.


We are taking only a small group of 10-12 people for this retreat so that everyone can get special care. There will be at least one experienced Ayurvedic doctor present at all times. We are pleased to announce Dr. Ram Mani Bhandari is coming to join us from Europe after several years of experience with similar treatments in Europe, India and Nepal. And our experienced, highly qualified therapists with also provide authentic Ayurvedic treatments during the retreat.


Please call us for booking ASAP to secure your place.



  • Twin Share Double Bed $2600
  • Twin Share Single Bed $2500
  • Group Share 3-4 beds per room- $2300

(Includes all consultations, treatments, herbs, food and accommodation during the retreat)


Your Location:

Our 4 bedroom 2 storey Beach House is simple, homely and welcoming. Located in the quiet Suffolk Park neighbourhood with only a short drive to Byron Bay and an even shorter stroll to Tallows beach, it is a place where you can completely unwind, relax and experience the full benefits of your detox program. Sit and watch the waves roll in while you soak up the sun, feel the sand between your toes and take some out reflecting. Tucked away amongst the trees, our Retreat Beach House will invite you into a world of tranquillity.


 How is Ayurvedic Detox Different to Other Detox Treatments?

Ayurvedic detox is a unique cellular cleansing process which completely removes toxins from the tissues. Before the detox program, your body and mind are prepared for the release of toxins by taking some special herbs along with ghee which is fortified by the addition of herbs. The herbs will be helpful to improve the digestive fire (Agni), strengthening the digestive acids and enzymes in the stomach and intestine. In Ayurvedic wisdom, this is seen as being vitally important, as without proper digestion, foodstuffs and medicines cannot fully release their nutrients and curative potency. What is unique in Ayurvedic detox is that most fat soluble toxins are removed by the medicated ghee. Fat soluble toxins are known to be more dangerous than water soluble toxins. After taking the medicated ghee in increasing amounts for about 3-7 days, most of the toxins are released from the tissues into the ghee. They are then drawn to the gut with the aid of Ayurvedic deep tissue therapeutic massage and herb infused steam. After a few of these treatments, the main Detox treatments such as Virechana – herbal purgation which removes toxins from small bowel; and Vasti – flushing toxins from lower bowel with herbal enemas, complete the treatment.


How Are Toxins Formed?

Toxins are harmful chemical particles that need to be eliminated from the body. They are formed in a number of ways: by wrong diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices, by consuming toxic substances such as alcohol and drugs, smoking cigarettes, caffeine and other chemical products. These days, toxins are everywhere: in food as preservative, in water as water “purifying” agents such as chlorine and fluoride, in air as small chemical particles and in most of the personal care products commonly available. Toxins are also formed after the normal metabolism process. Our body has the inbuilt ability to remove these toxins naturally if the body channels are healthy and fine. That means if there is any obstruction or disturbance in lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, elimination, urination, sweating, etc., these toxins cannot be removed from the tissues properly. If these toxins are sitting in the tissues for a long period of time, they may cause inflammation in the tissues, resulting in painful joints and muscles, as well as causing an uneasy, heavy and drained feeling which may lead to anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. For these reasons it is very important to release the toxins properly from the body on a regular basis. Ayurvedic wisdom recommends we do this at least during every change of season.