Hot Pressed Oil Vs Cold Pressed Oil – The Basic Overview

Hot Pressed Oil Vs Cold Pressed Oil

The edible oil we use in cooking is generally hot pressed oil. However, it is only in the recent period, once people gained awareness about the importance and benefits, cold pressed oil became very popular.


The major difference lies in preparing the input material used to press the oil, rather than pressing techniques. The input we feed to the press the oil has overall influence to a great extent on the properties of the oil. Of course, the way of pressing also impacts the benefits and properties of the oil.


Cold pressed oil means the inputs are pressed in a low temperature. To put in a lighter note, the seeds are pressed raw without roasting.
Hot pressed oil means the seeds are roasted and pressed under very high temperature.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Sesame Oil


Sesame oil is also known as gingerly oil, extracted from the sesame seeds. Sesame oil is prominent in Asian cuisines, especially Indian cuisine and alternative therapies.


Cold pressed sesame oil is extracted by simply pressing and crushing the seeds without toasting or roasting. It looks pale yellow and carry different flavor than hot pressed one which is darker. It retains the maximum nutrients possible during processing. It has higher quantity of essential fatty acids, which are literally reduced when the sesame seeds are roasted and heated. Unlike other cold pressed oils, sesame oil has longer shelf life due to an ingredient called Sesamolin prevents oxidation of the oil.


  • Good source of vitamin E and also rich in antioxidant
  • Has the highest concentration of the fatty acids – Omega 3 fatty acid, omega 6 fatty acid and omega 9 fatty acid.
  • Rich in minerals which includes iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. All these minerals support healthy growth of tissues and prevents bones and muscles related deformities like arthritis, osteoporosis etc.
  • Supports cardiovascular health and controls hypertension

It is used widely in ayurvedic therapies as healing oil. It contains antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which nourish the skin, hair and body. It contains nourishing, detoxifying and rejuvenating effect to the body. It is the best moisturizer and the best massage oil. It helps delay aging process and prevents skin health from sunburn and damages. It is the best remedy for most of skin problems from dryness of skin to eczema.


Needless to say the culinary benefits of cold pressed sesame oil as it is a versatile one to use on regular cooking