Patient story | How I lost 8kg in 2 weeks without counting a single calorie?

lost 8kg in 2 weeks

It has been 5 years since my initial diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes in Nov 2016. Since that initial in Panchakarma detox in February 2017, which helped to shed 8kg, I have never regained those extra kilos I carried around me and my sugar levels have been normal ever since. My western medicine GP is still astounded when every 6 months, my blood sugars denies any evidence of the lifelong Diabetes Type 2 sentence I was given all those years ago.


Since that time, I have tried to do the Ayurvedic detox annually and I consider it to be an investment for my health. Covid ruined my plans last year, but I finished my most recent detox last month just before my 43rd birthday. I remain diabetes-free and feel better than ever.
Unfortunately, I don’t always stick to the diet Dr. Neupane recommended for me but I know the signs when my body is out of balance and when I need to gain control again and seek help with herbs and advice.

I have been a dedicated Vibrant Ayurveda client since that initial detox in 2016 and try to live by the food and lifestyle that serves my Kapha body type.


I weigh 62kgs now and feel like a completely different person to who I was when I walked through the Vibrant Ayurveda door at age 38 weighing 71kg. I still have some way to go to curb my sugar habits and get into optimal health, but I live with the freedom of knowing that I am in control of my health and I have the tools to live a healthy life. The body’s ability to heal itself with proper nourishment still amazes me.


Thank you Dr. Neupane and the dedicated team at Vibrant for looking after me over the years and making me feel amazing at the end of every treatment. I owe you my health!!


If you are interested, you can read about my initial journey with Ayurveda and natural healing here: