Prepare your natural cosmetics at home (Gold Coast)

These days almost all skincare and cosmetics contain chemicals that are potentially harmful to our bodies. Even the so-called “natural” cosmetics often contain ingredients that are deleterious to our skin and overall health.

But with a little knowledge and a practical application of ingredients from the kitchen and garden, we can create beautiful alternatives that will keep our skin healthy and glowing.

This workshop is a hands-on, practical exposure to Ayurvedic cosmetic making in your kitchen using common ingredients. We will learn how to prepare soap, shampoo and creams. Even though homemade natural cosmetics have a shorter shelf-life since they do not contain preservatives, you can assure yourself that your skin is receiving the best quality treatment on its journey to enhanced radiance.

The course is led by our experienced Dr Ram Mani Bhandari. You will take home a sample of each item prepared on the day along with the recipes and procedures.

Location:           Vibrant Ayurveda, Gold Coast  clinic

Date(s) – 13/05/2017
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Cost:                 $70