Ajoy Day

Ajoy Day

Experienced Ayurvedic Massage Therapist

Ajoy Day joined us earlier this year and is working full time at our Brisbane centre. Previously Ajoy worked in India’s some of the most renowned wellness and healing centres including Sukhibhava Wellness Centre  (Ramoji Film City) where he provided direct body therapies and treatments to thousands of people including India’s celebrities such as Bollywood superstars, cricket players, business people, etc. His training in India included traditional Ayurvedic massage(Abhyanga), Sirodhara (Warm-oil treatments on forehead) and many other Ayurvedic classical treatments in India. Ajoy is also remedial massage therapy trained in Australia.

We are very fortunate to have Ajoy as part of our team and share his knowledge, hard work and experience. Since he started working at Vibrant Ayurveda, we have already received very good feedback about his treatments. His soft nature and professional approach has made him very popular among our clients.

He provides all therapies at our centre such as Abhyanga massage, Therapeutic and remedial massage, Sirodhara, Riceball Massage, Oil bath massage, Udvartana- Herbal paste massage. He also supervises and trains other staffs for classical Ayurvedic therapies. Book in for a treatment!


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